“Wall Street West: The Gathering in the Age of Darkness”


The economic Day of Reckoning will arrive like a thief in the night. Who among us will be ready for this earth-shattering event? Volume II of the Age of Awakening Trilogy sets the stage for the ultimate confrontation.

By 2024, Federal Reserve Chairman, King James, and a group of global ultra-wealthy billionaire secret societies had solidified their grip on the global economy. Their next move was to capture the White House and to bring about the total manifestation of plutocracy in America. With the Federal Reserve System (the Fed) under their control and the Wall Street Wizards rigging and manipulating the activities in the financial markets, the ultra-wealthy elites began making preparations to initiate the greatest transference of wealth in human history. For 16 years, money printing, successive rounds of quantitative easing (QE), tax cuts for the wealthy, and trillions of dollars of asset purchases by the Fed had sustained the massive debt, credit and asset bubbles in the West. The Day of Reckoning – the final bursting of the colossal global bubbles – is the prelude to a much more sinister agenda. What the secret societies will unveil is their master plan to implement a new modern feudalistic economic system of serfs and peasants, taking their positions as the dominant global overlords. 

With the massive introduction of robots, artificial intelligence (AI), mind-altering drugs, media brainwashing and other new age technologies, a centralized system of domination will be complete. This is their End Game, a plan conceived and developed centuries ago! The ancients will not be silent. They will bring fire, judgments, redemption, and great power! An ancient African Kemetic priesthood, Father Destiny and The Gathering, vowed 7,000 years ago at Ipet Isut (Karnak Temple) to reincarnate during the African Spiritual Age of Darkness to combat the forces of evil and disorder. Their mission is to break the spell of the global Matrix Vortex of falsehoods, ignorance, massive lies, and deceit.


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