Vampire’s Shade 3


I’ve always tried to stay away from police, also now that I am not a killer anymore, and my life is totally legal; also now that this gorgeous-looking cop required me as a professional shooting trainer.

In the middle of the night, I find Joel and my sister at my door: Our friend, Carl, is in jail in Fort Atkinson accused of murdering a young vampire-girl, and it’s me that he wants to help him to get out clean.

As I said, I don’t mix up with police: You don’t if you have a past like mine, but this time, my cop student offers to help me in Carl’s investigation, and I desperately need his help.

I need to go there and find out what really happened, and who framed Carl and why. I’ll have to look into in my ex-colleague’s past to find out if there is something dark in his story.

Once Adele starts investigating, she finds out this is all too messy, Carl’s adoptive parents have many things to hide, there is much more in Carl’s past than he could tell, the dead vampire-girl was somehow the key, and Adele is determined to find the truth whatever the cost, and the cost could be more that some can afford.


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