Vampire On The Run


Lizbeth is in trouble. Damaris knows she’s discovered his plot to overthrow his brother Alto, the current head of the vampire family, and take his place. To keep her quiet and eliminate the threat, she poses, he’s set her up and framed her for murder. Fleeing for her immortal life, she knows that every vampire blood-related to Alto is sacred and plotting against anyone who has consequences. Luckily, someone in the shifter community offers her shelter and to introduce her to someone who can help. 

Kane, the half-demon, receives a message from a trusted source asking for help. His rescue mission goes up in flames when he realizes that not only is the damsel in distress a vampire but also his demon’s destined mate. 

With a mounting amount of information and evidence coming their way, the paranormal community is on edge as the SIA and other factions work together to prevent a dark event that could change their world. Will they be able to stop it? Will Kane be able to protect his mate and have the life and happiness they deserve, or will the evil forces take over the community?

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