Valley Fever

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A shocking twist of fate reunites a quiet school teacher with her childhood nemesis and greatest love.

Shy and modest Lina Montez has been infatuated with Tobias Langthorne, heir to a Napa Valley land fortune for as long as she can remember. Growing up alongside the intoxicatingly handsome bully on his family’s fabled vineyard was an experience she will never forget. The young “lord of the manor” spent countless hours tormenting the housekeeper’s daughter as well as inspiring her budding sexual desire. Ten years later, Lina finds Tobias as provocative and dangerous as ever, but embittered by divorce and haunted by his own demons of the past.

Now Lina must battle her old playmate to save the land she loves, but this time she won’t be intimidated by her sexually magnetic business partner. The biggest struggle of all, however, is the one within herself. Can she fight off an attraction that is as ripe and full bodied as the lush cabernet grapes they farm? And will she breathe new life into the forsaken ranch as well as polish the rust from her tarnished hero?

4 reviews for Valley Fever

  1. JoAnn Thompson

    Great Story!! Overall this is a great romance set in the beautiful Napa Valley wine country. I highly recommend this story for all lovers of second chance romances, and I’m anxious to listen to the next book in this series! The plot has plenty of suspense to keep you guessing as to what will happen next. Narrator Logan McAllister does a fabulous job narrating the characters of both Tobias and Lina. Tobias is your typical rich and spoiled playboy, and I guarantee you’ll hate him in the beginning of this tale—BUT as the story progresses, you’ll find he sheds his obnoxious persona and becomes a caring and responsible mature adult. While Lina’s character is supposed to make you feel sorry for her, to me, she’s is a wishy-washy, weak, self-centered mouse of an immature lady that I couldn’t stand—and I wanted to shake some sense into her throughout the story for more reasons than one. I voluntarily reviewed this after receiving a free copy,

  2. Mary Dean

    I sort of cheated. I knew some of this couple’s story already since I started with Valley Storm, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it. I loved finding out their beginning and what lead them to be the amazing couple they are. And it certainly didn’t stop me from getting so frustrated with Tobias. He’s a great man but man was a stinker growing into that man. I would have slapped him a few times myself. Lina is a saint! Talk about an enemies to lovers story. I loved every minute of this romance. And trust me, you will love Tobias by the end. Logan McAllister did another amazing job narrating this book and bringing these characters to life. What a great start to a series I already know is a must read/listen.

  3. Jodi Price

    I have a hate/love relationship with Tobias character! He is an obnoxious, bully, A$$hole!!!!! but… by the end of the book you can’t help to fall in love with him! Lina is the sweet, good girl who has loved Tobias since she was little and that love never stopped. Tessa Bowen has done a wonderful job with the story, characters and the development of Tobias and Lina. Tobias matured and became what Lina deserves. The narrator Logan McAllister did a wonderful job with the story and characters.

  4. Rellim

    DNF at 4 hours (33%). I tried. I even walked away for a bit, listened to some other books, and went back to it to see if it was just a mood, but I can’t. I enjoy a reformed bad boy, but so far all I’m seeing is an alcoholic jerk. Technically I’m at the part just after detox and even sober, Tobias Langthorne is insufferable. Get ready to hear the name Tobias Langthorne (yes, his full name) a lot. Because it’s in the book almost 600 times. Tobias mocks, teases, disrespects, and belittles Lina, not only in the prologue but currently as adults.

    Lina is disturbingly obsessed with Toby. Not just in a “he’s hot” kind of way (and no amount of hot makes up for his words/behavior), but also in saying she’s been in love with him forever. At nearly 30, she still talks/thinks/acts like the 15yo at the beginning.

    I see that the ratings increase significantly for the subsequent books, so I may try those to see if it’s just this author’s take on the trope I’m not connecting with.

    Logan McAllister’s narration was fine.

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