Valley Fever


A shocking twist of fate reunites a quiet school teacher with her childhood nemesis and greatest love.

Shy and modest Lina Montez has been infatuated with Tobias Langthorne, heir to a Napa Valley land fortune, for as long as she can remember. Growing up alongside the intoxicatingly handsome bully on his family’s fabled vineyard and estate was an experience she will never forget. The young “lord of the manor” spent countless hours tormenting the housekeeper’s daughter as well as inspiring her budding sexual desire. 

Ten years later, Lina finds Tobias as provocative and dangerous as ever, but embittered by divorce and haunted by his own demons of the past. Now Lina must battle her old playmate to save the land she loves, but this time she won’t be intimidated by her sexually magnetic business partner. The biggest struggle of all, however, is the one within herself. Can she fight off an attraction that is as ripe and full bodied as the lush cabernet grapes they farm? And will she breathe new life into the forsaken ranch as well as polish the rust from her tarnished hero?


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