Val – Prequel to The Zombie Chronicles

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Meet Val, one of the most talked about characters in the Zombie Chronicles. This is the prequel to the Zombie Chronicles completely told in Val’s POV. Meet Val before she hooked up with the gang on Kelly’s Island. See how she got bitten as that was never explained in the series. Watch her meet her biological parents and Dean for the first time! See how she got thrown into isolation. See the friends she traveled with on the journey to the island. Watch her make the final decision to leave Philly and journey to Ohio when her world comes crashing down around her. Meet Val and get a real feel for her character as you read her story in her POV. This is the story before the story!

2 reviews for Val – Prequel to The Zombie Chronicles

  1. Mia Harper

    This book was action-packed, and thrilling, and I couldn’t put it down. The characters were well rounded and believable, and the world building great, the narration was expressive. I enjoyed reading about Val, she was tough, and took no prisoners and kept coming back for more no matter how many times she got knocked down. I really enjoyed most of the characters I read about except for Val’s sidekick Sammy, she was way too whiny and really annoyed me, that aside I definately want to read more zombie chroicles.

  2. Jennifer Hanlon

    Absolutely fantastic!
    The author does a great job transporting you to this world! The characters are strong and very human. The narrator brings the story even further into your reality with a wonderful storytelling approach!

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