Uprising (Outliers #2)

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I stood by and let it happen for too long, but I will not do it anymore. I will not be the person who watches others get hurt and does nothing to stop it. Not anymore. 

Returning to Sovereign City after everything that was stolen from her is something Indra never thought she would do. Despite the scars she wears both inside and out, left there at the hands of the Sovereign and the Fortis, she is determined to save her people from oppression, even if it means putting her own safety at risk. But it isn’t long before she once again finds her world shattering around her. As the dust settles, Indra manages to find strength among the ruins, and she sets out on a quest to unite the four Outlier tribes, hoping to take their enemies down once and for all.

1 review for Uprising (Outliers #2)

  1. RJ

    Indra embarks on her new task after her revelation or awakening of who she is and what her purpose here on earth is. She has been on a one-woman quest to rid the world of the Fortis; one man at a time. She has been successful because she has not been seen, leaving the killings for the wild animals to mask her involvement. That luck is sure to run out and it will have dire consequences for the other Outliers. Realizing she can not accomplish her task on her own, Indra sets out to unite the four tribes of Outliers. If she succeeds she will have the numbers necessary to defeat the Fortis and then move on to the Sovereign. This is the story of Indra’s new mission; to unite the Outliers and bring an end to the Sovereign’s reign of oppression. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

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