Unwrapping Mr. Darcy


Elizabeth Bennet’s first day at Darcy Holdings was turning out to be everything she’d imagined – that is, until she met her new boss William Darcy. True, he’s hotter than Hades, but he’s also rude, abrupt, and stares at her as though she’s committed some grievous sin. If only she could avoid him…but her friends’ not-so-brilliant ideas keep throwing them together.

William Darcy put his foot in his mouth when he met Elizabeth Bennet! Now, he’s head over heels for her and needs to apologize. But how? The dreaded office Secret Santa draw is a possibility, but would that help or would it only make things worse?  

Twenty-five days of gifts? 

It’s creepy and overzealous if you ask Elizabeth. And what’s with this weird reaction she has to Mr. Darcy? He’s an ogre, isn’t he? But what if her friends are correct and he isn’t? Could there be more to him than she assumes? What would happen if she were to take a stab at unwrapping Mr. Darcy?


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