Untamed: A True Mountain Man

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I’m an untamed mountain man with a past that keeps me from opening up to anyone.

Then I meet Ava Grace, a woman so sweet it makes my tooth ache, and damn, even though she has crazy ideas about love – she makes me a believer.

Giving her my heart is fucking terrifying, and when she finds out the truth of who I really am…she may walk away forever.

She wears her heart on her sleeve, and when she falls, she falls hard.

But I need to be the man to catch her.

Dear listener, this sweet and sticky romance features a rugged mountain man and a glittering girl. In the vein of You’ve Got Mail, this filthy-sweet love story is going to make you believe in true love and HEA’s. xo, frankie

1 review for Untamed: A True Mountain Man

  1. M Phelps

    First, I love the character’s names in this one. It is a slightly quick listen and I loved it. I love a quiet alpha mountain man. He was super sweet even when he thought he was emotionless. Ava Grace is like most women wanting the fairy tale. It was a great sweet listen. Logan does a great job.

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