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Best-selling romance author Lexy Timms brings you a new billionaire contemporary romance series that’ll steal your heart and take your breath away. 

Life has changed radically for Leslie. Her husband has finally succumbed to his terminal cancer and it’s time for a change of scenery. Moving across the country and setting up shop, Leslie takes the months to rebuild her life and figure out what she wants in the future. 

Pouring herself into her successful mystery book series she’s written, she is a reclusive global sensation writing under a pen name. 

Leslie realizes that her life is missing the romance she so desperately craved and now she’s on the hunt to live her life beyond her grief. 

Sooner than she realizes, cupid comes calling in the form of a handsome actor who has no clue she’s a successful author. However, he comes with his own personal set of baggage. 

Is new love possible after you’ve laid true love to rest? 

Unknown Identity Series: 


  • Book 1 – Unknown
  • Book 2 – Unpublished
  • Book 3 – Unexposed
  • Book 4 – Unsure
  • Book 5 – 

1 review for Unknown

  1. Jerry Harkey

    Slow and sweet, but plenty of bitterness from past relationships…sounds like chick lit. Still, I thought there was good character development of both the main protagonists as well as peripheral players.

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