Best-selling romance author, Lexy Timms, brings you a new series that’ll steal your heart, and take your breath away. 

Unexposed – Book 3 of the Unknown Identity Series

All secrets have a price, and Leslie is about to find out when hers is exposed. 

Now one of the most popular authors on the planet, Leslie only wanted to find life after love. She never expected that her heart would fall for anyone again. 

Sexy, handsome, and an extremely famous actor, Conrad has managed to capture her attention, along with the attention of a million paparazzi who want to snap pictures of the couple together. 

Can they survive the world known, published, and exposed for everyone to see? 

Unknown Identity Series


  • Unknown 
  • Unpublished 
  • Unexposed 
  • Unsure 
  • Unwritten


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