Undercover Justice

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Convicted criminal Skylar Hart is determined to salvage her reputation. When evidence of a crime points in her direction, she fears she will be the prime suspect. As Skylar sets out to prove her innocence, she becomes an unwilling participant in a deadly game of chance and finds herself tossed into the arms of the one man who has the power to bury her or to save her.

Security specialist Slade Marshal is determined to gather evidence against the thief who wreaked havoc on his family. When a case of mistaken identity jeopardizes Slade’s covert operation, he fears his chance of putting the monster behind bars may be short-lived. As he sets out to complete his mission, he finds himself at the mercy of the one woman who has the power to impede his plans, or bring him to victory.

1 review for Undercover Justice

  1. Rosemary HUGHES

    Coming out of her office building, Skyler is whisked into a black van. She had been mistaken for her cousin, but her salvation was at hand.
    Together they work to reak vengence on tha callous criminals that had no regard for life or other people’s property.
    Yes, it is a crime novel, with religious leanings, so if this would offend you, perhaps a different read would be more suitable.

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