Uncorked: Tangled Vines

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When Hunters strike at the wrong prey, Damian Steele will stop at nothing to claim the ultimate prize… his fated mate.

On the backroads of Italy, a fatal accident takes the lives of three of the four people in the car. The only survivor is an unconscious Kinzie Edwards, who is mistakenly identified as her twin sister. In a targeted act of violence, Kinzie loses her sister, Kayla, and her humanity.

Damian is the brooding Alpha of the Sonoma Pack and the head of the Luna de Lobo Vineyard on the California coast. When Hunters strike at his people, Damian rushes to Italy to care for the mate to his omega. Except it isn’t Kayla he brings home.

While Kinzie hovers between life and death, a powerful change within her DNA occurs and she wakes as a wolf. Kinzie knows nothing about wolf-shifters or fated mates, unlike her sister who had been a wolf-shifter.

Thirsting for answers and revenge, Kinzie leaves the safety of Damian’s embrace to confront those who murdered her sister. Can Damian reach her before the Hunters claim her as another trophy?

Publisher note: Uncorked is a paranormal, supernatural story with steamy heat in and out of the bedroom for mature readers only.

Tangled Vines Series:

1.     Uncorked
2.     Decanted
3.     Breathe
4.     Full-bodied
5.     Late Harvest

2 reviews for Uncorked: Tangled Vines

  1. Debra Anne Boulier

    Well-written, fast-paced and steamy book for sure. For me, Delta James never disappoints. JT Farrell’s narration makes it all the more better

  2. Vicki

    As always, Ms. James wrote a great story. I found both main characters likeable. A car accident, orchestrated by hunters, severely injured Kinsey and kills her twin sister Kayla and Evan, her mate. Damien, former navy seal, now alpha and head of Luna de Lobo vineyard, is pulled to be with her. He thought she was Kayla and his fated mate because Evan was dead and the female could possibly have another mate. The pack also thinks Kinsey is Kayla. When Evan knew Kayla was already dead, he tried to save Kinsey by starting the change. When Kinsey woke up, she was a piece of work. She eventually escapes from Damien and returns to Paris, where she lived. She had a life in Paris, a nice but small apartment, a lover, and friends. Of course, trouble is on the horizon and Damien will not stop searching until he finds her. Italian alpha Marco and his mate Catherine were in this book. His resources were at Damien’s disposal. This book was so good. JT Farrell, as always, did an awesome job with the narration.

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