UFOs & Unpaid Taxes

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A routine tax fraud investigation. A trip down the extraterrestrial highway. A chance encounter with a mysterious visitor from outer space.


He should have left it there. But Alfred Favero, a senior analyst with the IRS, couldn’t.


Now he’s suspended from work and on the run from shadowy government agents as he tries to protect an ambassador from another world. Meanwhile, an old friend is taking advantage of his absence to woo his sweetheart. Alfred’s life is falling apart.


And things are only about to get stranger…


2 reviews for UFOs & Unpaid Taxes

  1. Julie Howard

    I enjoyed this book. It is so unusual to what I normally listen to but it is just a great series, that I am hooked. I really liked the twist to the story and think the author does an excellent job of twisting what should be a strange story and making it work. If you like quirky fun stories with funny one liners then this book and In fact the whole series is for you. The story is book two in the series but works just as well as a stand alone.
    Alfred is on the hunt for tax fraud and this time he is on his own. This finds him in the Nevada desert to find out why a business is in the black when the small town is booming with lots of alien tourist in the area. It’s not long before he falls foul of the local law and when he stumbles on a secret they are trying to keep, his job is threatened. Alfred, with no girlfriend and no job decides to try and do the wrong thing for the right reasons. This means breaking into a government installation and going on the run, with a very special friend. Going undercover isn’t easy and its not long before the pair is joined by computer Tec. Nancy and ex marine Josh. Can they keep there secret quiet or will the men in black catch up to them.
    I liked the narrator but did have to speed him up, as he talked to slow

  2. Krystal

    Once again, Rachel Ford knocked it out of the park for me when it comes to this series. Last time I described T-Rexes & Tax Law as being ridiculously awesome. This time, it’s totally a buddy caper featuring E.T. and the Taxman.

    What is it about Alfred Favero? Sugar cookies, I just don’t know, but I adore that man. Maybe it’s his progression as a character. Maybe it’s his cluelessness. Maybe it’s his growth when it comes to his relationship with Nancy. Maybe it’s his animosity towards that son of a biscuit, Josh. Maybe it’s his willingness to jump feet first into trouble even when he definitely shouldn’t (or doesn’t even recognized trouble when it’s staring him in the face). I don’t know, I don’t care. Just give me more Alfred.

    I sped through this audiobook much like I did T-Rexes. Time (hehe) really did fly by for me because I enjoyed this book so much. Though there wasn’t quite as much bangbang action as the first, UFOs does clip along at a great pace. Something is always usually happening and, even though I guessed exactly what happened and where Alfred went wrong, the characters (and narrator) made it an enjoyable ride.

    Once again, John Carter Aimone, the narrator, brings Alfred to life. He tends to be over the top in his acting, but it totally works for this series and its characters. For example, his tone and inflection for Lee really brought to mind the Simpsons episode where Mr. Burns was all doped up and the citizens thought he was an alien. I think Aimone nails all the characters, honestly.

    The only criticism I would have for the audiobook in general is that Aimone delivers his narration at such a slow pace and there are long pauses that I have to increase the speed to 1.35x. Once there, it sounds great and the story goes by quickly.

    I already have the rest of the series queued up and can’t wait to continue these Taxman shenanigans.

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