Tyrant: Endgame


Nathan, Denny, Jess, and Tori, together with Sergeant Banks and his Marines, have met a new ally with knowledge of a possible EMP attack on the west coast. Their plans to head north and rally on Buchanan remain the top priority. 

Colonel Charles Buchanan and his men have at last joined forces with General John James at the secret military installation in the Black Hills of South Dakota and have been advised of an impending attack from a sizeable UN force. Executive Commander Abdul Muhaimin has been at war with the American patriot resistance, suffering wins and defeats. He has begun the genocidal elimination of high ranking Russian officers under his command. 

What’s happening on the west coast? Will Nathan, Denny, Jess, and Tori survive long enough to rendezvous with Buchanan? What will happen to them when they discover Buchanan has once again changed his plans and doesn’t show with reinforcements? Will Colonel Buchanan and General James survive the UN’s attack on the base? Will Nathan, Denny, Jess, Tori, and Banks survive the deadliest foe yet to be introduced? Will liberty return to the surviving Americans? Find out the answers to these questions, and more, in Endgame, the third book of the Tyrant trilogy.


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