Truck Stop

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On a lonely stretch of highway in the Utah mountains, Cedar Mountain Truck Stop awaits the unsuspecting traveler.

Over the years, it has been the setting of unspeakable acts of horror that have gone undiscovered.

It is the hunting ground for a serial killer who disposes the bodies in the junkyard behind the rambling, rundown complex.

But the long dead victims are not going quietly – their spirits haunt the dingy hallways, sleeping rooms, gift shop, and repair garage, seeking out someone who can solve their horrific deaths.

Seeking someone who is a sensitive that can hear their cries for vengeance…that someone turns out to be Roger Dalton, a young rock guitarist, traveling with his seven-year-old daughter, who stops one rainy night at the haunted compound.

What begins as a routine stop on his trip to Salt Lake City turns into a horrific nightmare when his daughter suddenly goes missing. As Roger and the handful of truck stop employees desperately search for his daughter, Roger is haunted by the long-dead mutilated victims, all trying to warn him of the serial killer who is in their midst.

The tension ratchets higher when deteriorating weather isolates the truck stop and Roger makes a grisly discovery that causes the serial killer to go on a final, desperate killing spree.

In the end it all comes down to Roger, racing to find out where the serial killer has taken his daughter before the killer can get to him.

2 reviews for Truck Stop

  1. Ryan Pascall

    To start, I would say that the synopsis of the book needs to be trimmed, it simply gives too much away. I’d forgotten the full write-up and so parts of the tale were a real surprise to me and, re-reading the synopsis I think a lot of people are really missing out on this discovery.

    As a father this book really tapped into my deepest fear, the same one all parents have when they turn around and their child is gone. Luckily this is only a brief fear for most of us but the panic that sets in is something no non-parent can truly understand and I felt that this book really did a good job, initially, in tapping into this.

    I say initially as I did feel that the story didn’t do enough to explain the protagonists sudden easing of panic but I can forgive this as a minor niggle considering the insanity that ensures as what we have is a really good who-dunnit with a whole slew of twists right up until the end.

    As a horror tale that latches onto my own primal fear the book did an excellent job but I admit that there were just a few too many unanswered questions at the end that prevent it being the absolute classic status the ending deserves.

  2. Tyler B

    This audiobook is a great and gruesome story with a diverse set of mysterious characters.

    The descriptions are excellent. Especially with the various characters in the story, they are interesting enough to get you invested in them.

    The horror aspect is violent and gory with elements of the supernatural. It doesn’t go over the top and keeps it appropriate with the atmosphere in specific chapters.

    Overall, a good horror audiobook that I recommend listening to if you’re feeling a thriller.

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