Transcendent, The Kacy Chronicles, Book 4

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When the aftermath of battle is just the calm before the storm…

The battle with the harpies is over, but some believe the harpy threat will never be over until the harpies are exterminated. If the Strix combatants pursue the harpies to their home in the caves of Golpa, can they end the war?

Can Jordan and Juer save King Konig, or is devious Prince Diruk’s rise to the throne inevitable? And what of Jordan’s estranged family and her unbreakable promise to Sohne? When the elf princess turns up to collect, Jordan has to give her what she asks for or die. The truth is…she’d really rather die.

After the loss of his brother, Caje, will Toth’s broken heart ever be the same?

All these questions and more are answered in this fourth audiobook of the Kacy Chronicles.

Trouble abounds: disaster upon betrayal. Everyone Jordan loves seems to be in danger. The twists and turns will keep you listening until the very end.

Welcome to Oriceran. The veils between the worlds are thin. Come see what’s on the other side.

1 review for Transcendent, The Kacy Chronicles, Book 4

  1. Shan MC

    Narrator does a good job. His voice fits the fantasy style of the story. He gives a clear performance with good emotional range. I’ve enjoyed listening to each of the books in this series!

    This is book 4 and the finale, so be sure to read the previous books first for the full story.

    I’ve really enjoyed this series! Loved the world the author created and the characters were great too. Loved all the adventure Jordan and the others get into; lots of fun! I do miss when Blue was a small dragon because I just imagined him so cute! But it’s great he’s taking out harpies now!

    I was getting so frustrated that Jordan had information that would help things along, but she just doesn’t say anything. Things were so obvious about how corrupt certain people were, so I’m disappointed that the characters didn’t figure things out sooner. Magical means weren’t needed; they should’ve had some idea about what was going on and done something about it, instead they just kept on letting obvious signs slip by them. Jordan does tend to not think things through though, so I guess that’s the issue with that.

    Jordan’s dealing with trying to find more medicine for The King and dealing with secrets from her parents and her past. There’s a bit of sweet romance with Sol going on; they have a lovely connection. Toth and others go off to take out the harpies, but something isn’t quite right with things. Everyone is still trying to figure out how the harpies made it through the magical wards of Rodania. The Nycht’s are still being treated horribly by the Prince. So, there’s a lot going on and I found it all entertaining.

    I especially liked the bit of surprise about Ashley, and how he’s involved in the story. Also, the bit of suspense to the story with all the secrets coming out and just how far people will go to keep those secrets. All of it was lots of fun.

    Overall, I’ve enjoyed reading about Jordan’s adventures in a magical world! This is the first series I’ve read by this author, so I’m looking forward to checking out more!

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