Touch Me

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Char is a focused and driven career woman who’s had a relationship she would rather choose to forget, but can’t. Riley is a pure gentleman who can easily leave the past where it belongs, behind him. 

Some people believe in fate where others deem it a coincidence. Char and Riley are meant to be together, so life just happens to make sure they are in the right place at the right time. 

But is that enough? 

You’ll be falling in love with this dynamic duo as they find out who they are and why fate keeps making sure their lives are intertwined. Their differences are what make them all too similar, and throughout the course of their journey there is one thing that always brings them back together…the need for each other’s touch.

2 reviews for Touch Me

  1. M Phelps

    I really loved this one with Char and Riley. This had a lot of things that made you think fate is real. The instant connection with these two was so explosive. I love their journey to their happiness. I enjoyed this story so much that I saw there are a few more in the series and downloaded the books series and ready the rest since they aren’t on Audible. Love all the characters involved. Meghan Kelly did a great job.

  2. Coolestmommy R

    Sometimes you find a book that you feel was written just for you. Touch Me was that story for me. The beginning when they first ‘meet’ was hysterical and that humor sprinkled throughout the story made it all the more real and personable to me. I loved the characters and how they are working to get past their pasts. I wasn’t sure they would ever get together as a couple, but it made the romance more enjoyable rooting for them.
    Thanks to Audiobooks Unlimited for a listening copy. I enjoyed this book very much!

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