Touch Me You & Me – A Bad Boy Romance, Book 2


Publisher’s Summary

We all need somewhere where we feel safe…. 

Benjamin O’Leary thought he met the woman of his dreams. 

But when her husband shows up, everything he thought he knew about Katherine Marshall is called into question. It isn’t until she shows up at his house battered and bruised that he realizes he’s made a horrible assumption. She needs his help, but refuses to accept it. 

Katherine wants to be independent, but her estranged husband is never going to let her walk away. After his latest attack, she considers running away from the new life she’s just begun. 

Except she can’t leave Ben. 

Maybe there is a happily-ever-after waiting for her. Does she dare stick around and try? 

You and Me – A Bad Boy Romance:

  1. Just Me
  2. Touch Me
  3. Kiss Me 

Some mature themes in this series deals with: Conquering spousal abuse, walking away, find love after pain, romance.


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