To Train a Queen

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When Count Casimir overthrew the King of Bartavia and had 18-year-old Princess Christine and best her friend, Lady Emily, dragged off and thrown into a dungeon, the two girls’ troubles had only begun. For Casimir planned to make himself the new king, and he would choose one of them as his queen, but only after first training and testing them to discover which of the two noble beauties could best sate his sadistic appetites.

1 review for To Train a Queen

  1. Ronja

    WOW, this was really a big surprise!
    ‘Don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ is a well known saying and it’s especially true here.
    The cover didn’t appeal to me at all, but I’m so glad I tried the book anyway. (thanks to 1 other review and the sample)
    I think the cover will attract more man than woman, and that’s such a shame because I can say with certainty this is very very exciting for woman too.
    You don’t expect excellent narration and great writing, but it’s here in abundance. (no fake ‘sexy/ turned on voice’)

    This is not for people easily shocked or offended.
    This is for people who get turned on by the idea of power play/ power abuse/ BDSM, and things being done to (in this case) woman against their will.

    I have never heart anything like this, and I’m really impressed.
    It’s very (VERY!) exciting but manages to stay believable and serious too (and has a great ending!)
    I’m so happy I discovered this book and this author, and I wholeheartedly recommend you to check it out. : )

    I got this Audio Book for free (thanks!). I’m voluntarily leaving this review.
    Opinions and ratings are my own and not influenced by how I got the Audio Book.

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