To Protect and Service The Dara Nichols Series, Book 2

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From New York Times bestseller Marata Eros comes Smart erotica for Smart Readers.

Dara is a cougar on the prowl. When erotic circumstances present themselves, she takes advantage in every way possible. Best friend Zoe gets wind of the fun, and the pair experience sexual fantasies of epic proportions.

Dara watched as a cop unfolded himself out of his cruiser, his huge profile striding to her car.

Well, well, isn’t he a hunk of love? But what had she done wrong? Who really knew? She’d been busy texting and not paying attention to her speed.

He leaned down, and in the dark his face was shadowed, she couldn’t see his features very well. A feeling of disquiet wrapped its tentacles around Dara and she dismissed it easily. After all, he was a cop!

His hand rested on the threshold where the window had slid open and he leaned in.

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