To: Current Occupant: American Frontier Historical Romance


A mis-routed letter, a missing fiancé, and the man next door make for mail-order mayhem. The post office mis-routed Lavina Randall’s letter informing her fiancé she was en route to Idaho. Unbeknownst to her, he has sold his home and headed east in search of her. Now as she stands in front of his cabin, watching the man she assumes is her fiancé reading a book in lieu of picking her up at the stage stop, her fury grows. Since the death of his wife in childbirth, Cliff Walters’ entire life revolves around his twin girls. He recently purchased a new home where he can live out his dreams of being a silversmith. They were settling in when a crazed woman kicks in the front door, tosses Cliff out of his bedroom, and threatens bodily injury if he so much as thought about besmirching her virtue.Lavina’s desire to keep the promises she made to her betrothed began to dissipate. This gentle giant and his scheming girls have her somewhat discombobulated. Cliff’s wish to be a decent human being had all but lost the battle with his desire to keep this saucy southern stranger to himself. Will Lavina give way to her desires, or will Cliff and the twins be forced to use subterfuge to ensure their future happiness? To: Current Occupant is the first book in the stand-alone mail-order bride series Misleading Mail Orders.


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