Through the Mountains

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Four friends, a road trip through the mountains, and some car trouble. What could possibly go wrong?

After graduating from high school, four friends head for a week-long trip to a mountain cabin to spend one last time together before heading off to college. Some major car trouble puts the skids on their plans.

Taking refuge in a lonely mountain motel, the friends find they may have wandered into a nest of vipers. Who can they trust? Who is behind the terror they all feel? How in the world will they get off the mountain alive?

Through The Mountains is a story of friendship being tested in the one of the most horrific settings. Fans of road trip and small town horrors will love this!

1 review for Through the Mountains

  1. Norma Miles

    “We’re getting out of here.”
    An easy read, Through the Mountains is a not too long, fairly predictable horror story of four friends travelling an isolated route to a holiday cabin when their car inconveniently breaks down. Accepting help from the Morgan family, they soon begin to doubt that they’d made a wide choice.
    Although atmospheric in parts, and with a couple of clever ideas, for the most part there is insufficient to be fresh and exciting. Narration is by Spencer Dillehay who does a fine job, reading with good modulation and pacing.

    My thanks to Audiobooks Unleased, from whom I received a complimentary copy at my request. Tighter editing would possibly make this story more exciting. There is, at least for this reader, a failure to convince combined with a clunky plot presentation which definitely reduces the impact. But there is potential and could easily convert to a more inclusive movie

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