The Wyrdos Tales: Three Book Bundle


With the apocalypse pending, they turned to the Wyrdos.

They might be the city’s only hope.

The differences that forced them to hide were suddenly the gifts that would make them loved. Would the Wyrdos save the world? 

In a pub called The Office, they gathered. Each with their own thoughts. All with the same burden. Could they undo the damage that threatened the human race? 

Vampires, shapeshifters, banshees, gods, brownies, and the boogeyman’s son, the Wyrdos Tales have it all.

Dee, Junior, and Laylea are the first three standalones in the Wyrdos Tales series. The Tales each feature a different supernatural character’s involvement in the same apocalyptic event. Read all of them to get the whole story. 

If you like the snark, magic, and action of Jim Butcher and Patricia Briggs’ books, then you will love all the books in The Wyrdos Tales by Gwendolyn Druyor. 

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