The Wranglers and Writers Trilogy: The Complete Collection


Three authors, sure they don’t need love. Three hardworking cowboys, working hard to make a living. Is the state of Wyoming big enough for the sparks between them? 

Madison, Maisey, and Annabelle meet for the first time at a beautiful dude ranch in Wyoming. Their only intent is to relax, write, and enjoy some peace and quiet. One simple retreat wasn’t supposed to change all of their lives forever.

Madison is quiet and her real life is hidden deep in secrecy. She doesn’t want anyone to know who she is or the fears and worries that follow her in the big city. In the wide-open country – where she’s reminded of home – Randal steps in to show her that cowboys are good at protecting their own.

Maisey is a party girl, looking for a good time. When she goes a little too far for an impromptu vacation, she finds herself stranded with a sweet single dad who isn’t willing to let her past define what he feels building between them. Can she let go and be the new woman she wants to be for the man she’s growing to love, or will her past control her forever?

Annabelle is on the run from a fan stalking her. The only place she’s ever felt safe is on a little farm near the Dawson Creek Ranch. When she arrives and literally runs into the owner Luke, he can’t help but take her under his protective care. But will he have to watch her forever, or will her past follow her to Wyoming?

Get The Wranglers and Writers Trilogy, a sweet western romance with real characters and faith-filled journeys, today!

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