The Woman America Loves a Latte

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From the best-selling author of Sweet Hollow Women comes a quirky new thriller for fans of Megan Abbott, Liane Moriarty, and Carl Hiaasen.

Veloura has never stood a chance. Raised by negligent parents and orphaned as a teen, she’s settled for a life of low expectations. She spends her days sprucing up the shack of a has-been bull rider and washing hair down at the local salon. But when it turns out her fiancé doesn’t have her best interests at heart, she’s forced to come up with a new plan for herself.

An opportunity to be the spokesperson for a coffee chain means a bright future could be hers, if only she can stay ahead of her dark past.

1 review for The Woman America Loves a Latte

  1. Rellim

    This was my second listen from Holly Tierney-Bedord and completely different from the first. At it’s base, The Woman America Loves a Latte is a well-crafted Mystery/Supspense/Thriller novel. On top of that, it is hilarious. Poor Vee is desperate to love and find love that she ends up involved with a man who finds her more valuable dead than alive. Fortunately for her, he’s too stupid to succeed. Following her adventures in escaping him as well as the added perspectives from her friends (and enemies) while she’s publicly on the run had me cracking up. It’s slightly over-the-top, but I went with it and had a great time.

    It’s also the kind of book I could see myself listening to multiple times, not only to catch things I may have missed the first time around – but because the humor would be just as fun the next listen.

    Honestly, the only drawback to the book was the prologue & epilogue. They didn’t feel like they were from the same book. I usually love epilogues, but the jump was so far it felt unsubstantiated.

    Chistopher Lane was fabulous narrating this. With so many chapters from a female POV a male narrator was a surprising choice – but he was fantastic and I’ll definitely seek out more of his work.

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