The Wishing Stone 2 – Dragon Dilemma

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After his adventure to dinosaur time, Spenser can’t wait to try the wishing stone again. This time, he chooses a book in medieval time, but he doesn’t realize his brother, Jackson, and his sister, Kayleigh, tag along with him.

When the children arrive, they find a dragon upsetting the villagers, but the dragon is just looking for some help. Will the children be able to help her? Find out in this exciting sequel to The Wishing Stone: Dangerous Dinosaur.

1 review for The Wishing Stone 2 – Dragon Dilemma

  1. Chopstickz11

    These books are targeted to children and children like consistency. I was surprised to see that with the second book the author decided to narrate the book herself. In my experience this has not often led to the best results for the reader. Thankfully, in this case that is completely incorrect. I don’t want to give it away, but Ms. Hoopes does a great job narrating the book and she isn’t really alone. When you hear it and realize what she did, you will smile too. It is adorable and I just love it!

    The story was great of course as well. I love that each child has their own power with the stone and the ability to help inside the story. I love that the children learn more about reading and the time frame of the setting and I am putting my faith in Ms. Hoopes that the facts are true since the books is targeted to children.

    I certainly recommend this series for young and old alike. Make sure you listen closely to the narration on this one for a sweet and heartfelt surprise.

    I was provided with a free copy of this audio book for my honest review. The views expressed here are entirely my own.

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