The Wilds Box Set: Books 1-4

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Dal survived the plague that nearly wiped out humanity, but when Dax breaks her out of the asylum, will she survive the Wilds? Experience Dal’s story as she learns to survive in a new world, unravel the truth of her heritage and powers, and discover love.

Four full-length novels. This is the complete set of The Wilds, books 1-4.

The Wilds (Book One): I met a Plaguer today, one of the very few who survived the last outbreak of Bloody Death. She said horrible things about me and my companions. We all called her crazy afterward and claimed this was the reason they needed to be locked up. They spread lies that could hurt our fragile world, nearly brought to extinction 150 years ago.

But here’s the catch: she was right about me. I have a niggling fear that she was right about my friends, as well. What if the Plaguers are right about the people in charge? What if they are right about everything?

This book is for all the Plaguers, the truth-sayers branded and marked as liars, often hunted and sometimes forgotten. This book is for the girl who was right.

The Hunt (Book Two): Living in the Wilds isn’t any picnic, but I thought I had a handle on things: avoid the beasts and I won’t get eaten, avoid the waterways and the pirates won’t kill me, and stab every Dark Walker I see.

That was before I found out Tiffy’s friends were real and back when I’d never heard of the Skinners. Now my magic is on the fritz, and people are disappearing. Amidst all this, I’ve become the most wanted woman around.

The Dead (Book Three): I’m young to have so many enemies. The Skinners, Dark Walkers, Wood Mist, they all want me for their own reasons. But those were enemies I could fight. Now the disease that changed me forever is back.

It’s reaping death and havoc everywhere it strikes and I’m nearly helpless to stop it except for one chance. There’s a rumor of a cure. But Dax, my ally here in the Wilds, has vengeance on his mind.

The Magic (Book Four): For as long as I’ve lived, Dark Walkers have been hunting Plaguers, seeking them for their magic. But there’s one Plaguer they want most of all. Me.

Since the fall of civilization, the human race has been barely surviving. Another outbreak of the Bloody Death could be our final straw and there’s only one way to ensure that doesn’t happen. I need to kill the leader of the Dark Walkers.

I’m stronger than ever but with more to lose than I ever thought possible.

So here I am; ready to fight. Winner take all. 

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1 review for The Wilds Box Set: Books 1-4

  1. Malinda Spriggs

    The story and most of the characters themselves are fantastic. I love Donna Augustine’s dystopian apocalyptic future. I could easily visualize it. However Dal is very childish throughout the series. I dont feel she develops much. I also did not like how Angel Clark portrayed Dal. Her inner voice was too sultry and seductive while her actual voice and behavior were that of a child with a high pitch voice. If you can block that out while listening or reading then you will enjoy this series a lot.

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