The Unholy Trinity, Book 1

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Sarah Meyer has lived a rather interesting life. Conjoined with a Demon that won’t let go, she has been under the protective custody of the Sisters of San Francesco. Under the guidance of her mentor, Father Lucian, she helps solve some of the world’s most terrifying paranormal mysteries. These are her stories.

The Unholy Trinity, Book One is the collection of the first three books The Stories of Sister Sarah series.

Ghost Island

The Italian island of Poveglia is knowns as the most haunted place on the planet and is off-limits to the public. A recent visit by two wayward teenagers has brought a harsh reminder of the terrors that exist on the island. They assign Father Lucian and his reluctant protege to solve, and take care of the mystery. Will they find anything other than an old ghost story? Can Sarah control the demon that lives inside, or will it once again take control?

Whispers of the Dead

St. Augustine, Florida, is the oldest city in the United States. It is only natural that a place that old, with a history marred by battle and piracy would be surrounded in ghost stories. It is not one of the old legends they caused Sarah and Father Lucian to be called. Instead, it is a contemporary paranormal intrusion from the 1940s that recently reached out and touched the world of the living, costing one poor soul their life. Can Sarah solve the mystery and restore the peace?


A natural disaster with an unnatural origin, toppled the thousands of crosses that adorn a hill outside Šiauliai, Lithuania, breaking a sacred seal that had entombed a devilish creature that terrorized this small town eons ago. Father Lucian and Sister Sarah rushed to help another bringing Sarah to her first encounter with two of the “keepers” that battled her in the woods in Miller’s Crossing. Sparks fly and trusts are frayed, but in the end they must be their differences together for the same common cause. When it is not enough, Sarah is left with one option, an unforgivable one. Sometimes it takes a beast to defeat a beast, but at what cost?

1 review for The Unholy Trinity, Book 1

  1. Jerry Harkey

    Sister Sarah is possessed by a Demon but has managed to live with it, with some help from her friends. She has taken on all manner of evil spirits in her 85 years. This book is recollection of those battles. Extremely entertaining but not really that spooky or scary. Just sit back and enjoy!

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