The Unending Chase

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When the Chinese Ministry of State Security unleashes a bold plan to sink a massive freighter in the Panama Canal as part of an elaborate intelligence-gathering operation, American covert operative, Chase Fulton, is called upon to infiltrate the operation and turn the tides against the conspirators. As demanding as the mission appears on the surface, what lies deep beneath the murky waters of the Canal, and just beyond the wall of agonizing memories engulfing the city where Chase’s family was brutally murdered are the true demons Chase must overcome.

Deadly and mysterious sources offer Chase the answers he’s so desperately sought for a decade, but will those answers only lead to deeper, more haunting questions? With his life on the line, his past finally revealed, and shocking deathbed revelations about the true identity of the beautiful Russian spy who haunts his soul, Chase Fulton must prove, once again, that when evil calls, men of honor not only stand to face it, but they rise above it and beat it into submission.


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