The Understanding

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Braden Hughes is the last of a long line of illegitimate descendants from the great kings of Wales…and the syndicate kingpin of Cardiff. I know his secret, and he wants me back at any cost.


Five years ago, I knew love until I saw something I shouldn’t have and ran!

He has been hunting me since I disappeared that fateful night.

But now he is not the only one hunting me….


Four years, eleven months, two weeks, and six days.

That is how long she had been gone when we found her.

But someone else found her first….

Once I have her back, she will understand.

I get what I want, and I want her.

The Understanding is a dark mafia romance in the Syndicate Masters series. If you like intrigue, men determined to possess their women, and the strong intelligent women who stand up to them, then you’ll love Delta James’ newest paranormal romance.


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