The Tipsy Marriage Counselor


So you’re married, huh? How’s that going for you? Good? You don’t know what you were thinking? You forgot you were married? It’s almost in your rearview mirror? Hey, no judgments here, I get it. Marriage can be quite the journey. 

Which is why staying sober too often is a no no…at least for me. Luckily for you, I can share some amazing tips that will have you on your toes, knees, back, and ass. Don’t worry, your guy can thank me later. 

Until then, you and I need to have blunt and deep conversations about topics such as: communication, genital expiration, health issues, in-laws, marital Botox, the kids, finances, and if all else fails…shooting him and getting away with it.

Who knows, maybe after it’s all said and done you’ll keep him around…even if it is just to kill bugs and take out the trash. Seriously though, it’s time to remove the doubt, renew your mind, and rebuild your marital universe. Now take a breath, a sip, and a seat so we can solve some problems…. This is going to be fun!



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