The Time Machine and The Island of Doctor Moreau – Two Book Set!

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H.G. Wells, one of the world’s earliest and most celebrated science-fiction authors, created a number of unforgettable classics of the genre, including The Invisible ManWar of the WorldsThe First Men on the Moon, and many more.

Here, we present a two-volume collection of Wells’ most celebrated classics of science-fiction and horror: The Time Machine and The Island of Doctor Moreau. This audio-enhanced version – with sound effects and musical soundtrack – combines Wells’ groundbreaking exploration of time travel with his “youthful blasphemy” tale of animal and human hybrids.

Enjoy both classics in one complete volume!

2 reviews for The Time Machine and The Island of Doctor Moreau – Two Book Set!

  1. Norma Miles

    “Strength is the outcome of need.”
    This audio version of the H.G.Wells classic story is of the original edition which appeared, one hundred + years ago, serialized in a magazine. It has, of course, been subsequently revised, reissued in book and audio format as well as in comic form, and made into several (three?) films. Well’s look into the far future still holds an endearing and thrilling idea of what society might become even today.

    The story of the Time Traveller, telling of his adventures in first person to his disbelieving group of friends, is sociological as well as science fiction, and a good tale. And the traveller himself, together with the group, is introduced, again in the first person, by one of those to whom the adventure is told, so there is an immediacy to the writing, and, although written a long time ago, is still easy to read and enjoy. To ensure so long it has to be good. To inspire so many, it has to be brilliant. And it is.

    Narrator, Kevin Theis, was an excellent choice for narrator, his voice having the slight stiffness associated with the Victorian era. His reading is immaculate, apart from a single edifying glitch close to the conclusion, and he combines the feel of a time gone by with that of a modern presentation. A fine performance. He is also accompanied by quite, intermittent background sound effects, which help to gentle the overall reading but, really, do not offer much to the reader. They are very quiet and never interfere with the accessibility of the narration.

    My thanks to Audible Unleashed, from whom, at my request, I received freely gifted complimentary copy. I had previously read The Time Machine many years ago as well as seeing two of the films, but can honestly say that this has been my preferred version. Highly recommended

  2. Jennifer Hanlon

    Gotta Love the Classics!
    HG Wells the first man to cause a panic over alien invaders, and is absolutely wonderful telling these fantastic stories! He never disappoints!

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