The Third Gender




Is your baby defective or evolved?

A dangerous secret lurks beneath the innocent faces of newborn babies. 

Hope Kerman is one of the first children to be born of The Third Gender, a birth defect that turns young adults into human parasites. Thriving by absorbing memories, knowledge, and experience from their victims, the Third Gender is quickly gaining power. Hope fights her natural urge to feed on others, but it’s a battle she might not win. 

Ben Ziegler is a flawed FBI agent, determined to stop the Third Gender’s rapid rise to power. When he learns his own children are in imminent danger, he’s forced to choose between his crusade against the Thirds or saving his family. 

So, in a world where puberty makes you deadly, a landscape with an unknown future and a lurid past, the Third Gender have begun to thrive. Why does nature need a third gender? The lines have been blurred by choice, blurred by genetics and even blurred by the additives in our food and the hormones induced in our meat. Is it nature or is it design? Is there someone pulling the strings or simply a spoke in the evolutionary wheel? 

The teens of the Third Gender suck out knowledge, experience and wisdom as they suck out life. In a time of living through social media, communicating by text and worshiping MTV and reality programming, they no longer live their own experience. So why not steal, why not leech, why not suck? 

The Third Gender series is a modern day parable about the dangers we have created by trying to engineer nature’s plan. 

The Third Gender is the action packed first book in a thrilling, reality-based, sci-fi series by author Micah Ackerman, the novel is suitable for teens and up.

©2014 Micah Ackerman (P)2019 Micah Ackerman


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