The Thin Line of Life: Volume 1

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Corporal David McAllister was a good old boy from the mountains of Kentucky. He did his time in Afghanistan with the Marine Corps Reserve, and was reaping the rewards of the G.I. Bill as he short timed the last six months of his contract. In the grand tradition of the McAllister clan, he found himself a proper woman in college and was going to take over the old homestead once he graduated. But one day a report came on the news about a virus spreading through China, turning the locals into cannibals. The virus hit Singapore. Tokyo. Mexico City. El Paso. Then Louisville. David was called up for active duty again, and the virus was all around him.

Collecting the first three Thin Line of Life books, this omnibus, The Thin Line of Life: Volume 1, tells the linear story of the Zombie War in a non-linear manner, jumping back and forth throughout the time of destruction as America fights to live.


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