The Thanksgiving Program

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<br>Irene never imagined her life would turn out the way it has.</b> Is she destined to always be tossed from one sibling to another, caring for their children and households? <b>Is there no room for her dream of a family of her own?</b><br><br>When a teaching opportunity comes about in another Amish community, Irene sees it as her way out. But once she secures the job, she comes up against a spinster teacher set like concrete in her ways, a group of parents who hardly give her a chance, <b>and a handsome man whose disapproval vexes her at every turn.</b><br><br>When she suggests putting on a Thanksgiving program, she hopes to gain the community’s approval and the handsome man’s blessings, for she finds herself inexplicably drawn to him. <b>But things take a surprising turn.</b><br><br><b>Is this new life truly the key to everything Irene longs for? </b>Or will the effort to gain it be too much for her to endure?<br>”


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