The Tesla Experiment


At the CERN laboratory in Switzerland the Large Hadron Collider is being constructed with several teams of scientists and engineers working on the assembly of the various detectors, which will be recording data once the Collider is up and running to test previously elusive theories of physics. When Prof. Lydia Jenner, a terminally ill ex-colleague of billionaire inventor Dave Purdue, contacts him to assist her in a clandestine experiment to prove a rather absurd theory based on the work of genius engineer and scientist Nikola Tesla, he is intrigued. But upon his arrival he finds that the nearly incapacitated woman wants to use him as a test subject.

Investigative journalist Sam Cleave is at CERN to interview an engineer about an incident at the ALICE detector, in which a mysterious fire gave rise to rumors of sabotage. During his investigations he runs into Purdue who brings him in to record the secret experiment. But during the test run of the Voyager III, Jenner’s experimental time travel device, Purdue disappears into the past. He wakes up in Nazi Germany, inside Hitler’s bunker and is forced to convince the SS High Command that he is a scientist affiliated with famed inventor Nikola Tesla.

During his tumultuous time stuck in 1944, he has to find a way to contact Jenner to find his way back to 2015 within three days or else he is stuck there forever. But his travel back home is marred by Sam’s trouble with opposing scientists who are trying to find the missing design of the teleforce weapon designed by Tesla, a deadly ray gun that would immerse the world into WWIII if it was ever built. Will Purdue find the elusive design and will he make it back on time? It is up to Sam, Nina and Prof. Jenner to make sure Purdue returns home from the trappings of the Tesla Experiment.


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