The Television

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Stop. This is a seriously, seriously extreme horror. This warning is not for show, edginess, or drama – this novel is intentionally upsetting, gross, and challenging. If that sort of content earns 1-stars from you inherently, please reconsider. 

Burnstow is an ordinary little town populated by ordinary people. Farthing is an ordinary guy that has just inherited an ordinary mobile home in an ordinary trailer park. Farthing looks forward to a nice, quiet, ordinary life.

But in the back room of that ordinary mobile home, there’s an ancient television that’s anything but ordinary. It doesn’t broadcast sitcoms, sports games, news shows, or movies. No. It broadcasts only the very worst atrocities in human history.

Follow Farthing down deeper and deeper as he struggles to reveal the appalling secrets of…The Television!

*Trigger Warning: All of them. This is an audiobook of extreme horror, not for the faint of heart or stomach.*


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