The Stalker

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A small-town girl who’s a bit of a misfit. The perfect guy who’s anything but. Will his suspicious behavior reveal things she doesn’t want to know?


Narrated by John Mo – “Trouble always finds the O’Connells and The Stalker is no exception. Alison has had a tough life and just when she feels things are starting to go her way life takes a downward spiral.” Samanthagirl

After struggling to recover from a teenage crush that dealt her a crippling blow, Alison watches from the sidelines in the small town of Livingston, Montana, which hasn’t been friendly to her. Silently, she believes everyone’s seemingly perfect lives have a dark side. And soon her beliefs prove true.


Alison meets young, attractive med student Bennett Warren, new to Livingston. Suddenly, Bennett is showing up everywhere she is—and then, in her good fortune, he turns out to have rented the apartment right next door.


At first, she’s convinced it’s fate, and maybe there is hope for her, but a suspicious turn of events has her fearing she’s being stalked by someone who knows one of her secrets, something no one should know.


She tries telling herself she’s imagining things, but she soon realizes someone has been inside her apartment, going through her very personal belongings. She finds herself looking over her shoulder, not knowing who she can trust. When she confides in Bennett, she’s convinced he thinks she’s crazy, too.


Then Alison comes across evidence that has her questioning not only her sanity but also the real reason Bennett showed up in Livingston—and even more disturbing is the possibility that him moving right next door to her wasn’t entirely coincidental.



1 review for The Stalker

  1. Kay Spriggs

    Alison feels like the whole world is against her and everyone hates her. After people start to have accidents she realises they are the people she has marked in her diary. She meets Bennet but he turns out to be the prime suspect is this another thing she will have to blame herself for.

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