The Soldier’s Mail Order Deception (Iron Creek Brides, Book 8)

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A proud heart is easy when it comes to love—but it takes a strong heart to forgive it.

After suffering a permanent injury from an ambush and losing mobility of one of his legs, Andrew Cable has lost all hopes for a happy future for himself.

Now, as he is forced to rely on his mother and his brother, Jonny, to care for him, Andrew doubts his life could be any more pathetic.

But when Jonny advertises on his behalf with hopes of finding him a mail-order bride, Andrew quickly realizes that he was wrong.

As the advertisement receives its first response, Andrew can tell that the woman—Miss Amy Schofield—seems just as determined to escape her own situation in life.

So, he decides to help her do just that—while also giving his brother a taste of his own medicine.

Using Jonny’s name, Andrew replies to Amy, inviting her to come to Iron Creek not to be his wife, but his nurse.

Surely that will teach his brother not to meddle in his life.

As an orphan living with her aunt and uncle, Amy is forced to bow to their wish for her to marry as soon as possible—despite their awful taste in potential husbands.

So, when she receives the offer of a nursing position in Iron Creek, Amy can’t accept quickly enough.

Andrew was determined to outwit Jonny, but the last thing he expected to arrive in his life was kind and generous Amy—and what began as revenge on his brother suddenly appears to be the perfect remedy to his tarnished spirit.

Through Amy, Andrew finally begins to find some purpose in life again. But what will she think of the lie that brought her to Iron Creek, and to him?

2 reviews for The Soldier’s Mail Order Deception (Iron Creek Brides, Book 8)

  1. Misty

    I enjoyed listening to this book. I have been waiting on this story and it did not disappoint. The characters are great and the world-building of this town is fantastic. I love revisiting this town and look forward to more in the series.

  2. Danny Harr

    This is another good book in the Iron Creek series. This is book 8. I have enjoyed all the books so far and this one is just as good. Andrew has some disabilities and needs help and feels sorry for himself. He tricks Amy in coming and being his nurse. Amy needed to get away from her home and sees a good way out. Andrew falls for Amy and he has to make her understand why he tricked her in the first place. It’s interesting watching things play out. Gina Dobbs does an excellent job narrating this book and series. I received a copy of this book from audiobooks unleashed.

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