The Snake

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The Snake, set in two different worlds, is the story of Ann Cunningham, forensic archivist, and describes an investigation that pushes Ann to her physical and emotional limits as she struggles to solve the mystery of an ancient Maya artifact and the bizarre death of a local professor.

“A fantastic adventure! Join Ann Cunningham as she treks into the Yucatan jungle, and is thrust into a coexisting worlds of beauty and violence. If you like Louise Penny, or Tony Hillerman….you’re in for a treat.”
What a fabulous book with colourful characters and a wonderful backdrop.”
“Great twists and turns! Very satisfying plot and resolution.”

1 review for The Snake

  1. gerald douglas

    The Past is Present Again

    This work bridges worlds, times and cultures. On the surface, it’s a murder mystery. On another it’s an inquiry into cultures, how they overlap and help and hurt the other and on yet another it’s an examination of history and who owns the pieces that represent it.

    Think Murder She Wrote with a friend like Indiana Jones and you get a bit of a feel for this novel. It’s great to hear Carrie Coelle give life to the words of JA Kellman. I really appreciated hearing the descriptions of Tikal and contrasting that with the Midwest. The jumps between time lines and regions is seamless and dreamlike. I wanted to know more and more about all of the places and histories with each chapter.

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