The Shield of Darius

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While vacationing with his family in Europe, businessman Benjamin Sager is assaulted and abducted, awakening in a small cell occupied only by another captive American. Ben’s senses send him reeling into his own past; to a place both exhilarating and terrifying. As Sager struggles to determine where he is and why he and his cellmate are being held, Christopher Falen, a covert agent of the CIA offshoot, Unit 1, uncovers a disturbing pattern of unexplained American tourist disappearances, seemingly vanishing without a trace. Two paths cross as Falen’s investigation and Sager’s desperate will to survive draw them both into the deadly web of the Shield of Darius. A timely and relevant thriller, The Shield of Darius takes the listener on a journey through the maze of international espionage and politics between the United States and the Middle East and poses the question: Who can be trusted?

1 review for The Shield of Darius

  1. Cyndi Wannamaker

    Mr. Kent has done an amazing job of giving us a story that we know comes from his imagination but is told in such a way that it could be taken from newspaper headlines! As you get to know Ben, the main character, your heart will become entangled in the mess that is his life. You will stand on the sidelines as you read or in my case listen to the atrocities that happen to him. Your heart will break as you listen to his wife plead for someone to help her. Although I know this book is fiction, it is so much like something that I believe could or has happened that I couldn’t help but keep going to learn the outcome. Mr. Kent has never disappointed me when I have read or listened to one of his books. The narrator for this book Theodore Copeland has done an excellent job of bringing it to life. I totally recommend this wonderful book and look forward to reading more about this secret Unit 1!
    I received a free code for this book from Audiobooks Unleashed and I thank them for it. This review is totally my own honest opinion.

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