The Shelby Alexander Thriller Collection 1-4

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You don’t lead a life full of action and close scrapes without making a few enemies. This is the hard lesson ex-boxer and retired fixer Shelby Alexander learns when he travels to his boyhood town in northern Michigan to “settle down”.

As it happens, the bad guys have other ideas.

This explosive four-book collection is a roller-coaster ride filled with drama, innuendos, twists and turns, secrets, and betrayal, and a bombshell ending that will leave you spinning.

Throughout this pulse-pounding series, Shelby faces enemies both old and new, relying on the skills he’s learned over the years to stay alive and bring his own brand of vigilante justice to the bad guys.

Full of blazing action, close calls, and memorable characters, the Shelby Alexander series is one you’ll want to listen to, again and again.

1 review for The Shelby Alexander Thriller Collection 1-4

  1. Stacy Bender

    My husband and I were ready to give this series a solid 4 star after the first 2 stories, but were glad we waited.

    The first two books were good, even with the scenes better suited to the stage such as the dying cops monologue about leaving him behind. (VERY theatrical) We also wondered why the main character, and ex-pro boxer didn’t know any dirty tricks. He kept complaining about arthritis but didn’t use poor-man’s brass-knuckles (a roll of coins)

    The third story lost us. Aside from the problems with the daughter’s pregnancy where the amount of blood the author described would’ve meant a miscarriage. (If it was only spotting, the child could have survived.) The description of the bad guy was better suited to a serial killer or drug dealer and the ex-wife came off as an entitled twat. Hubby skipped to the next story when I started rooting for the bad guy and demanding the ex’s head.

    As for story 4, it was just as disappointing, and I fell asleep.

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