The Seventh Sense

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Seized by a rage more violent than the storm beating down on the South Florida coast, Attorney Frank Benedict aims his BMW at the first vehicle to cross his path. He hits the car – then backs up and hits it again. A woman stumbles out and collapses on the ground.

FBI veteran Charlie Calloway is working on the case of her life – searching for the man who killed her husband and unborn child. And she’s willing to do anything to find him…even enter the shadows of the human mind….

2 reviews for The Seventh Sense

  1. Jerry Harkey

    Logan was dead for 11 minutes before coming back to life with a “gift.” He can see things by touching people and objects and that would seem make him great as the ex-FBI Agent he is, but it’s all driving him crazy. Enter an “accident” that kills FBI Agent Charlie’s husband and unborn child, Matthew. She too is dead for several minutes and comes back with a similar gift to Logan. A lot of coincidences?!? Yes, but the story brings them together as they attempt to solve this case which continues to baffle and spiral out of control. A good set-up to a series I’m looking forward to reading/listening to in the future.

  2. Laura Rose

    This was my first experience with T J MacGregor’s writing and I will have to look into acquiring more of her work. The story was awesome and intense. I was captivated throughout the whole book. I recommend this story to anyone who likes thrillers or suspense novels. Melissa Kay Benson’s narration was great and added to the enjoyment of the tale. I requested this audiobook from Audiobooks Unleashed and I have voluntarily left this review.

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