The Secret of Life, Death, and Immortality


The author of this audiobook a few years ago invented, patented, and successfully demonstrated in the city of Los Angeles, California, a mechanical device by which he transformed musical vibrations into “electrical” waves. These, when conveyed to the human organism, were found to be harmonizing, vitalizing, and curative, in many nervous and functional disorders. Further study and research along these lines convinced him that all vibration, motion, or activity is electrical. That all phenomena are electrical phenomena. In fact, that there is but one substance in the universe, and that is – electricity.

Without any attempt to enter the realm of metaphysics, the writer desires to state that he uses the term Life in its absolute or universal sense and not in the conditioned or limited sense in which it is ordinarily and loosely used. He distinguishes between life – with its eternal, inherent unceasing impulse and energy – and the resultant of that impulse and energy; whether that resultant be a molecule of hydrogen or what is called consciousness, intelligence, or manifesting through an organism called man.

The listener will find many thoughts suggested along the line of the wireless telegraph and telephone, musical vibrations, thought vibrations, telepathy, clairvoyance, “Spiritualistic phenomena”, death, postmortem consciousness, or “Conscious immortality”, etc.


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