The Second Star

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Mark Jordan was in no hurry to finish the long ride across Texas to reach his first assignment in Dallas. He was ashamed of himself for not standing up to his father and choosing his own career. But now, he was an ordained minister and wished something would happen to change the course of his life, unaware that the two riders who were approaching him from the west would soon do that and much more.

1 review for The Second Star

  1. JoAnn Thompson

    Uplifting Christmas Story… I enjoyed listening to this improbable Western Christmas story. The plot line was interesting and there is plenty of suspense that will keep you wondering just how the events in the story will pan out. I must say that the character of Anna in this story was my least favorite character—what a wishy-washy main character! Some of the events may be a little far-fetched, but they do add excitement to the story line. The narrator did an okay job—just wish he had been able to add in a bit of emotion in his rendition of this tale.

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