The Scoundrel

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He was hired to protect her.


Someone doesn’t like what I write. That’s okay, erotic romance isn’t for everyone, but I like it, and it pays the bills. First, there were private messages on social media, followed by emails—both full of vitriol and venom. Coming home after a day out in London, I knew someone had been in my home. I got on the first flight out of London and landed in Chicago.


A mercenary with a dark history. I thought I’d never see the light of day again, until Robert Fitzwallace walked through the door and dragged me out. After two years of healing, Fitz recruited me to head up the operations for the new Cerberus Group in Chicago. Like our counterpart in London, headquarters are located over a lifestyle club—the Windy City’s newest and best…Club Southside.

After pacing in front of the club, beautiful, curvy Samantha breezed into Cerberus looking for protection. I accepted her as a Cerberus client, even though I knew I would not be able to resist her. It doesn’t take long before I give in to my need, her need, and take us to the edge of an all-consuming desire.

When danger rises from the shadows costing Cerberus one of its own, I’ll risk everything to keep her safe. No matter the cost.

Welcome to Club Southside. Cerberus has opened an office in Chicago over the club. The team takes on jobs no one else wants. They handle everything from protection, covert rescue operations, cybercrime, and reconnaissance. These men are driven and deadly, willing to do what is needed to complete their missions and protect the women they love. 

A fast-paced romantic suspense series of interconnected stand-alone books that will leave you on the edge of your seat.


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