The School Teacher’s Mail Order Mistake (Iron Creek Brides, Book 6)

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There is no telling where love will lead you.

For Carl Hennigan, Iron Creek is more than just a town—it is a chance. 

His chance to start over. To live a life of his own. To teach and do what makes his heart happy. 

His father might think him a fool, but the last thing Carl wants is to follow through with an engagement to a woman he has only spent a handful of minutes with.  

And so, he walks away. 

It is a decision his father assures him that he will come to regret, but as Carl settles in Iron Creek, he can’t help thinking that his new life wants for nothing—except perhaps somebody to share it with. 

And this time it will be someone of his choosing.

Just as Carl is about to take the chance and advertise for a wife, he finds another listing from a young woman in search of a husband. 

Her replies to his letters intrigue him, as does the fact that she keeps her full identity hidden.

But could there be more connecting them than Carl realizes?

The last thing Caroline Calder expected when she advertised for a husband was a response from the man who ran out on her last engagement!

As Carl writes to her, it comes as a surprise when they begin to form a true attachment to each other.

But when he expresses his wish to meet her, Caroline is hesitant to agree.

Because what will happen when Carl discovers the woman he is courting is the same one he once rejected?

The Teacher’s Mail Order Mistake is a heartwarming story of fate and true love. Will Caroline find a way to convince Carl to give her another chance? Or is she about to be rejected by the same man for a second time?

3 reviews for The School Teacher’s Mail Order Mistake (Iron Creek Brides, Book 6)

  1. Danny Harr

    This is book six in this series. All books have been good and all have been narrated by Gina Dobbs. In this book Carl and Caroline’s story line is good. They meet and don’t hit it off because their parents are setting them up. Carl moves to Iron Creek and sends for a mail order bride. I think if you like this type of book you’ll love it. Gina Dobbs does a great job narrating this book. I received a copy of this book from audiobooks unleashed.

  2. Dawn Mauritzen

    The narration for this series was a great pick. I enjoyed the way the storyline was told. This is a interesting story with wonderful characters. Can’t wait for more.

  3. Misty

    I really enjoyed this book. The characters are relatable and likable even tho you want to strangle them every once in a while. I liked how this story flowed as well. It’s not the typical story some have come to expect. I can’t wait for the next one.

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