The Scarry Inn

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Convinced they are the victims of a sick, practical joke, Heidi and her three friends are resigned to spending the night at The Scarry Inn, even though the atmosphere is anything but welcoming. Surely the owners, Dick and Thelma Scarry, are simply trying to drum up business for their new motel by terrifying the guests. 

But when Kara is found brutally murdered, they realize the danger is real, and they must find their way to safety before the secrets of the inn claim another victim. Making things even more difficult is the lack of cellphone service in the small town of Frighton, Arizona. With no clue who they can trust, the remaining threesome are now caught up in a fight for their lives.

1 review for The Scarry Inn

  1. Mariel

    The Scarry Inn By Shirley McCann
    Narrated by: Joey Eugene

    I received a copy from the author and I am voluntarily leaving a review.

    Dick and Thelma Scarry own a motel in Frighton, Arizona …with names like “ Scarry “ and “ Frighton “ a spooky themed Inn is bound to do well. But the owners seem to be taking things a step too far and what should be just spooky becomes downright terrifying.

    Heidi and her three friends are travelling to stay with her father and her step-mother. Things have been strained to say the least between her and her dad for a while and as they now have a child she wants to try and bridge the gap between the two of them. Her friends accompany her for the emotional support but also to ease any uncomfortable moments should they arise.
    As they approach the destination, the weather becomes increasingly worse and their car doesn’t seem like it will make it either. Luckily for the group, they make it to the Scarry Inn. None of them are happy about the situation but when Dick and Thelma are less than welcoming, and bodies are discovered, things go from bad to worse.

    Shirley McCann keeps the tension and suspense throughout the story as we try and solve the mystery as it evolves. The narrator, Joey Eugene, provides a smooth account appropriate to the spirit of the text maintaining the author’s intent which is consistent throughout.

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