The Saint of Mars: Denver Moon, Book 2

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Six months have passed since Denver Moon, P.I., smashed The Minds of Mars into the red planet, destroying the ship’s horrific cargo and delaying the alien danger of human mind control. Now, in the dark underbelly of Mars City, Denver and her faithful AI-installed pistol, Smith, are hot on the trail of a suspect they believe is responsible for the disappearance of numerous citizens in Red Tunnel. 

But as they close in on the culprit, they uncover an even greater threat. An android revolution is stirring within the ranks of the Church of Mars, and its leader is an old enemy who aims to settle scores and shatter the fragile balance of power on Mars.

1 review for The Saint of Mars: Denver Moon, Book 2

  1. Nemesis Reviews

    Denver Moon, the badass P.I., returns in this electrifying sequel that will leave you breathless. With top-notch writing and a thrilling plot, “The Saint of Mars” delves deeper into the dark secrets of Mars City, as Denver and her trusty AI pistol, Smith, chase down a suspect connected to a string of disappearances. But brace yourself, because the real danger lies in an android revolution brewing within the Church of Mars, led by a vengeful nemesis hell-bent on disrupting the delicate balance of power. Don’t miss this mind-blowing adventure!

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